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Adrian Stratford Motorsport

235/35R19 Zestino Acrova 07A TW300

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The 07A (300TW) is the hard compound in the Zestino range, a high-performance road-legal tyre with a bias towards drifting and street applications. The 07A is a suitable seat time tyre for Grassroots drifters & Pro AM Drift competitors to achieve the perfect balance of affordability, grip & tyre wear rate. It features the same tread pattern but with deeper tread blocks at 8mm to enhance tyre life.

07A is drifter friendly and creates a huge volume of dense smoke while wearing evenly down to the tyre casing with no delamination. We suggest 07A, 07R or 07RS as front steer tyres for a well-balanced car setup depending on your front grip requirements (driver preference).

(Note: Vehicle Alignment set up & correct tyre pressure is crucial for even wear and best performance when drifting with these tyres)

Zestino Tyres provide a range of motorsport-oriented tyres that are designed in Japan and made under strict quality standards in China. The combination results in quality performance tyres at very affordable prices.

Centre Straight Groove

Two wide centre grooves ensure efficient water channelling for improved traction in wet conditions. A rigid centre rib provides a constant contact patch, allowing for improved traction and stability under acceleration

Variable Wing Groove

Two variations of wing grooves are placed along the outer tread with different lengths and angles. The longer groove assists in channelling and dispersing water out of the shoulder while allowing for improved cornering performance. The shorter groove provides directional stability.

Lightning Groove

The lighting groove combined with the variable wing grooves allow for improved lateral traction for maximum side bite

Side Dimple

Side dimples allow drivers to check the degree of wear and the effective patch area at a glance