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Adrian Stratford Motorsport

265/35R18 Zestino Circuit 07S TW60

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The Zestino Gredge 07S (60TW) series are a medium, grippy performance tyre for serious track enthusiasts and race car drivers.

The Zestino Circuit 07S is one of the most affordable track tyres on the market and is a direct competitor to other high-performance Semi Slicks. The Zestino Circuit is an ideal tyre for those who want to drive to the track and run good consistent lap times without paying nearly twice the price of a high-end track tyre. The 07S is a competitor to the Toyo Proxes R888R and the Bridgestone RE71R. Zestino Tyres provide a range of motorsport-oriented tyres that are designed in Japan and made under strict quality standards in China. The combination results in quality performance tyres at very affordable prices.

They are specially designed to have power in cornering along with quicker steering response that inspires confidence to allow the driver to achieve their best lap times.